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About Us
Phenomenal Women of A New Generation Inc.
P*W*O*A*N*G Inc. is a Motivational Women's Organization founded in the month of August 2009 by Vonda E. Johnson.
 It is a  registered, non-profit organization. Our foundation is built upon a strong, determined, caring and family oriented group of women from all walks of life.
Our organization is guided and supported by a strong board of directors who have our youth's best interest at heart.  *(501c3)
In July 2010, P*W*O*A*N*G Inc. began to lead and mentor the female youth in our local communities.  The youth formed an organization of their own and are now called 
The Prodigious Butterflies.
 The Prodigious Butterflies are lead to be strong, determined, empowered, and confident in themselves as they grow and mature to become PHENOMENAL WOMEN. 
Our Mission
"Our mission is to DELIVER hope, ENCOURAGE strength, and PROMOTE TODAY for the women of TOMORROW."
Our Vision
Our vision is to reach EVERY young woman from all walks of life to achieve at levels far beyond their imagination.
Our Goal
We strive to motivate success in every aspect of and provide support as we give back to our community.
We Promised Ourselves
We promised ourselves to give so much time to the improvement of ourselves and others, we have no time to criticize others: to be too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to be blocked by obstacles.
We are confident in if we think only for the best, we will receive only the best.
We promised ourselves
We Are
We are an organization on a mission of determination to motivate and inspire young women to be EMPOWERED, & EQUIPPED for life.
We are
Phenomenal Women Of A New Generation Inc.